My favorite tv shows

My favorite tv shows in order !!! 😁❤️👍

1. CSI: crime scene investigations (I finished all of the seasons amazing show!!)
2. Criminal minds (I’m watching now, I’m already season 5!!!)
3. The following ( I’m waiting for season 3 !)
4. Ghost whisperer (I watched all the five seasons, just amazing I loved all of the seasons but especially the third and last one !)
5. Pretty little liars ( I watched the two first seasons but I never continued I don’t know why!)
6. The mentalist (amazing but I just sometimes look one random episode )
8. Dr. House ( best hospital show ever !!!)
9. Without a trace (old but good!)
10. Unforgettable ( I loved season one but I never watched the other ones, I actually don’t know if there are other seasons) !